for my own self

Very difficult to endure that none is waiting for you when you come to home after a tiring day.
Very hard to believe that none is looking for your arrival to a gathering.
Very thorny to swallow that fact that none is enough attentive to listen your words.
And similarly very difficult to believe that none is waiting for Arooj ‘s next post.
My busy lazy husband, my sluggish busy doctor sister and my complex cousin, no one ever read my post without my insistence to do so. How sad na.
But from now on, I decided that I will write regardless anyone is reading or not.
There must be something in this life that we could do only for our own self.
So I will write for my own self.:-)


Solo Life said…
really nice post,
I am sure all those people you have mentioned in your post will be careful about your writings and other stuffs
dr.antony said…
Not in the good mood? Take a good cup of coffee,sit at the balcony and look at the sky far beyond.The gentle breeze will sooth your heart.There are brighter days ahead.
Keep on blogging!
Mind Writer! said…
My boyfriend never reads my blog no matter how I insist him to read. 'Cause he hates reading! Nobody else from my family or acquaintances read my blog, even if they mistakenly do read ever, they never comment! It's really upsetting!

But then I realized, first of all, I guess all bloggers opened a blog to express themselves, irrespective of the fact if anybody reads it or not! I remember, I used to give frequent posts when there was not a single reader in my blog. But now as I have a lot, I don't seem to post that frequently, some kind of inhibition works to talk about whatever-comes-on-my-mind! But the key thing is, for us who loves to write, should do it just for ourselves. It keeps us sane! :)
Bikramjit said…
:) maybe you shud start to pester them more read read read read :)

or no listen stop talking about the post that will make them curious why u not talking :) he hehehe

But i like the last line YEs and WHY NOT .. write for your own self .. cause you are Numero uno for yourself always :)

Rachna said…
exactly! Do it for yourself. We need to first seek happiness within ourselves before looking for it in others, and I am happy that you have taken that step.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Solo Life
specially the first one...;-)

@ dr.antonyperefect advice.

@ Mind writer
yup this self catharsis keeps us familiar with our own true self.

yup we all writer for our own self at first place..''lakin kubhi kubhi tareef bhi suneny ko dil chahta hay''....:-)


yup i tried to shake my loved ones....wake upo...look i have something to say..guess this trick will work.;-)
Sruthi said…
fantastic post... yes, we have to do something for our self too.. but isn't writing something always have this self factor dominance?
Kathe W. said…
one writes because one wants to. One reads because they want to.

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