The Sky is the same Everywhere- so said Virginia Woolf

Yes it is same.Even though you have not traveled the whole world; you have not seen the soil color of different fields  or tasted the water of strange springs sprouting from remote corners; you can make this claim that "The Sky is  the same everywhere". But does the same sky shower the same sort of blessing for every living being? It is another and totally different question.

Many, Many (and in fact many) years back when I was small (very small indeed), and used to miss my maternal uncle when he left after spending few holidays with us ; a weird yet effective practice used to heal me in the times of sorrow. I would look at sky and told me rather console myself by thinking that the sky over my head would be the same as the one there over the head of my uncle , so we had something as a connection. 

Many years later ( though I was still small but not very ) , my mother died. Life changed and the change brought anxiety . A strong uncomfortable feeling did not let me to accept the absence of my mother. Among this changing scenario, I started looking for the phenomenon those were still same as they were during the life of my mother. Oh yes!!! The sky was same . The same sky with same color.
But mother was not there under this blue canopy.( Formula did not work exactly well, but it was never formulated to work exactly well). I consoled myself with half working emotional therapy.

Today while reading Virginia Woolf's  novel Jacob' s Room ( an effort-full reading it has been), I came across this expression " the sky was same everywhere". I do not say that i and Virginia think alike as I do not want to end up into the water of an indifferent river in semi-conscious condition( she committed suicide) , yet this sentence in 3rd chapter of the novel made my heart resonate with Virginia's thought and this just born empathy would make me a patient reader of a rather impulsive author.


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