Monday, January 25, 2010

I proud of my father

The title shows as if I am going to talk about my father in terms of some great deed done by him or something extraordinary he has done for me. This is not the case right now. When I give a look from childhood to my present phase of life, I discovered a lot of events when my father supported me and gave the voice to a little dumped Arooj.In grade 5th when my teacher didn’t allow me to take part in speech competition as I was new comer, my father explained my capability in a very polite manner. When during my intermediate, a female lecturer showed a biased approach towards me just because I am a poetess and she considered poetry a useless thing, my father talked to her and removed her grudges regarding me.he never made any complain when he had to wait for me outside my school and then college.

Today when I m 24 years old .have completed 16 years of education and doing a diploma ,my father again supported me when I was not mustering up courage to talk to simple clerk about my late degree. When he stands beside me, I feel that now I can defend me in better way.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What is meant by an “Ideal’’?

I am a 24 years old girl .I have spent an ample time in the company of my own gender. I invested considerable time in making rumors about others, in discussing different ,so called ,important feminine matters; and in doing catharsis of yet to be fulfilled dreams .the most burning issue of any female gathering (where all girls single preferably) is to discuss about one’s ideal partner.

By the way, I myself don’t know what is really meant by this word ideal. As per my observation and the time I killed during such useless debate, an ideal partner for a girl is guy with handsome look, with100 percent IQ level, with ample confident and attractive sound financial and academic background. The percentage of different qualities may vary from one girl to other yet the overall sketch remains same. Only few fractions of girl may be able to find out their true ideal, infact these little fractions just itself don’t know whether the respective partner deserved to be called an ideal partner, still their pretentions make other think that they have succeeded in achieving their goal. And rest folk just keep on wondering here and there in the search of true hero.

In this everlasting quest, daughters of eve should keep one thing in view that if they are in the search of an ideal being the same is the case with Adam’s sons. They themselves want something really best. And in this quest of finding something best, feelings, emotions and true love start losing their essence.

What I believe that this mater of ideal is not dependent upon the how much you are impressed from other’s positive qualities rather it depends upon how much you feel acceptance for his negative qualities. If the graph of this acceptance touches its peak then it is clear that you are in love with that person and u have found your ideal.