Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am Alive

Good evening
I am here with a day’s bulletin.

8 am .In the morning my ex-Wife called me and demanded her share in business we started together though she didn’t spend even a single penny while we were investing money now she is demanding fifty percent share.

9 am .My Boss called me and informed that I am not going to get increment this year.

10 am. My girl friend called me and said that she is going to wind up relationship with me. Reasons are still unknown.

11 am. My closest came to my place and that he cannot start joint business with me as his wife is not in the favor of this.

12 pm.My sisters called me that she needs 50 thousand dollar immediately otherwise she will never see my face.

1 pm.I fell from the stairs and got severe injury on my elbow. I had to postpone all, urgent important projects.

2 pm.My son returned from school with his shirt torn apart .He had a quarrel at school.

3pm.My neighbor rang the door bell and complainED that my younger son has destroyed his lawn while riding his bicycle.

4pm.My father had heart attack and now is admitted in ICU.

5pm.My ex-wife again made a threatening call and asked me to arrange her required money s soon as possible.

6pm.I started feeling temperature and decided to visit my family physician.

7pm.When I went to garage and was about to leave for medical checkup, I found that my car was punctured.

8pm.Right now I am standing at work shop and looking at mechanic working at my car.

Breaking news:
I am still alive.

(I posted these lines few months back.my present depressing scenario of life requires the same driving force again)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr/Miss Attitude

If you are sitting in some waiting room and an annoyed personality (apparently without any specific reason to be) accompanied by forced elegancy, sits beside you. And if that very figure continue his/her stay with overwhelmingly delicate movements ,a slightly hostile frowing,and lips twisted in somehow grouchy as if just engulfed a bad ill-tasted candy ;then get sure you just come across by ‘ miss/mr Attitude’’.

As per dictionary, one of the 9 possible meanings of this word attitude is: the behavior marked with a cool, cocky, defiant, or arrogant manner. When i pondered upon this definition it recalled me a number of people whom i can assign the title of Mr. and Miss. Attitude. Since the day I started observing society with a little bit mature eye, I keep on finding a number of figures that keep surrounded with an aura that their anger, their smile, their upsettness rather each and every move is observed by others .in case people made a great mistake of ignoring such angelic figures, they tries to captures their attention sometime with a delicate ‘’ouch’’ or sometime with so called ‘’subtle laughter’’ or sometime just a artificial way of showing of amazement ‘’oh really’’.

Usually there is nothing wrong with Mr. and Miss Attitude, but just spend few hours with them after spending 30 mints you will feel a kind of pain in front side of your head. After 45 minutes your ears get bored to death by receiving similar sort of frequencies ,and after one and half hour your heart will start sinking and you will try to find out some slot to escape.