Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lets Juggle With Past

Forget the bad things happened in past and forgive the bad guy because you are damned to be good one. Move ahead.Focus on positive things and let the negative people go out of your life along with their negativity. Don’t turn around your face.I am not going to reiterate these old gold advices.I know it is not as simple as it reads ( sounds ). It is not easy to let go of bad memories,it is not easy to forgive those who has stolen your time , stigmatized your past with suffering and inflicted perpetual pain on  your present . Human mind has special channels to keep alive the memory of past pains and to keep remember the faces of inflictors. Then what one is supposed to do.How to move on?How to look forward.Lets play a trick.If you cannot forget then let's  punish someone by denying his/ her existence. This punishment does not usually do any harm to the wrong doers yet it can do you a favour. Place their faces in the background, make them stand in the place of those extras which are overshadowed by the hero. It is the stage of your life . let them stay but don't let them avail the spot light. Let them speak but don’t entertain their words. Make them realize that they are dummies just occupying space without any real standing. Now you can move ahead and in anyway if you have to look back don't be afraid to look at them as dummies cannot hurt anyone.