Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nature's Art

I am not a good photographer at all. I usually take blurred pictures even with a properly tuned digital camara.But sometimes it happens that we feel ourselves too compelled to do something that I can’t even think about doing in normal situation. And days of exams cannot be considered normal days at all. As I am mingling with final exams of my boring diploma, I was jolted by an innate photographer hidden somewhere in me. Today I was sitting in my university ground and saw a rotten fallen tree and just found nature’s crafting .Give It a look.:-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I always try to personify any feeling by explaining them in terms of tangible human behavior. Though it’s weird yet it works. As it become easy for me to mend myself .As last night I was thinking about the feeling of jealousy .I was trying to portray what exactly happens while a person becomes the victim of such a poisonous emotion. Then it reminds me that when I caught the infection of chicken pox at the age of 4, there was sheer itching on my face. But my mother asked me not to rub that itching spots as it would ruin my face. She told me to be patient as once the infection would be cured so thus the itching.

Then I came to the conclusion that jealousy is like a constant itching. Every time you feel it, you want to rub yourself .Friction produced heat. Itching boils down for a moment. But it again appears. Constant rubbing reddens your skin and then there appear scars. Scars continue to exist for few days and left behind constant mark. The force you invest in rubbing your own skin to get rid of mere itching becomes a constant mark. Once we start feeling jealous of someone. This emotion ignites a fear that we could be unnoticed in the presence of envied one. We start working hard. We make our activities rather fast to leave behind our competitors. And once we do this; there comes some more figures that prove themselves a threat for our ego, for our feeling of having been best so far. We again increase our pace of working. In doing so, we don’t even realize that this endless labor leads us nowhere. Jealousy is not a driving force but rather it keeps us mingling with life and during this tussle ,we seriously damage our personality. There is no cure in this world for this emotion. The best way is to bear that itching without rubbing it. Soon it will disappear without giving you any harm