Nature's Art

I am not a good photographer at all. I usually take blurred pictures even with a properly tuned digital camara.But sometimes it happens that we feel ourselves too compelled to do something that I can’t even think about doing in normal situation. And days of exams cannot be considered normal days at all. As I am mingling with final exams of my boring diploma, I was jolted by an innate photographer hidden somewhere in me. Today I was sitting in my university ground and saw a rotten fallen tree and just found nature’s crafting .Give It a look.:-)


Mind Writer! said…
Nice job! I think the blurry look made it more artistic! :D
Christopher said…
Very cool. I took one of a stump that looked like a smiley face once.
kathew said…
my stars! Good eye for catching that image!
Jack said…
H M,

Well captured.

Take care
Tabitha Bird said…
Nature sure is the one true artist. Love it.
Himanshu said…
glad my exams are over few days before
i when feel bore too play with cam and listen lots of music
atif aslam is on top these days
nice picture, looking quite different
surely symbolizes your imagination
lots of luck for your diploma
Stafford Ray said…
Hello, I don't believe for a moment you have yet achieved the admirable goals you express so well in 50/50 but keep recognising the goal is the biggest step and by the time you are as old as the tree you photographed, you will be there! To see how old that is see
I look forward to reading more of your work.
Bikramjit said…
that looks like a sun as we drew when we were kids ...

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