Monday, January 28, 2013

Heading towards End

Today i will resumne my reading of the book''Blue is the color of heaven'' by Richard Loseby.
i was with him when he started his journey from Trurkey  via kurdish villages and Iran to Afghan border.
I always wanted to fibish this book in one sitting buyt my busy routine didnt allow me.Now i am heading towards end and feeling sad.
i was with Richard back in 1989,what will happen once i will finish this book.My heart will surely ask for more thrills with the same auther.i have felt my soul wandering somewhere 23 years back.Most likely to  feel alient when will come back to 2013.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Politics,A favorite Brand

I was never a student of political science neither it could ever attract me.
I was, and am, a wandering poet who loves to imagine, remember, and express.
There is nothing special in having poetic bend of mind. Every person in one or other phase of his/her life feels or imagine like a poet. But the current confused, chaotic situation of Pakistan has changed the nature along with the general interests. The excess of political talk shows, and the endless efforts of politicians cum actors have changed the mindset of young, middle aged and old fellows all in a sudden.
Geo, ARY, Express, AAJ, Dawn. and newly emerged news channels rule over the hearts of people but not there brains. I accept that I cannot help getting attracted by these news channels an talk shows. And the same is the case with everyone. We have analysts right among us. Now every Pakistani understands, evaluates and discuss .But besides bestowing this awareness, these news channels are themselves are getting immense benefits. The channels and their famous faces have gathered uncountable assets. The political duels, sophisticated never ending process of taunt, baseless and goal less debates, whether all these activities could achieve their purpose of so called social betterment or not,one thing is quite clear that these channels have changed general interest. Now mob without any gender,class and age discrimination have got some insight regarding politics. Now they want to say something, though they do not have enough words yet they feel themselves a direct part of the system despite the system itself is aloof to them.