Friday, March 29, 2013

A joking epiteph

He knew an hundred pleasant stories,
 With all the turns of Whigs and Tories;
 Was cheerful to his dying day,
 And friends would let him have his way.
He gave the little wealth he had
To build a house for fools and mad,
 And showed by one satiric touch,
 No nation wanted it so much.

Verses on the Death of Dr Swift

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my faithful cup of tea

I know it will never get tired of listening.It has been with me since my first acquaintance with cognitive process. It never makes fun of me neither do I feel hesitant sharing anything with it
.It has witnessed my numerous tears and deep smiles.The moment I get hold of it,my soul feels flattered.

my faithful cup of tea.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Mindful Supporter of PTI

 I am a supporter of PTI,not a blind follower but a mindful voter (inshAllah) who is much aware of party's weakness yet has ardent belief in the notion of change.The same notion that still sounds like a mere fairy- tale to many of the stubborn ears.But the same stubborn minds have forgotten that the change is the only constant phenomenon.

Last few years, for me and for the whole Pakistani nation has been under the shadows of sheer violence,uncertainty,and disappointment.The brutalities of the time are too strong to let any soul to keep hope alive.There was a time when I used to debate against the idea of leaving the country and to get settled abroad.I was also against to the idea of leaving one's own native palce and of becoming a part of some alien culture that itself might not be ready to accept any helpless refugee. But the torrent of terrorist attacks,the rate of inflation,the depression caused by load shedding,and a series of strikes called by different sectors of the society,left me running without a single argument.But being without argument does not necessarily means being at wrong end.

The current statuesque with all its negative aspects is a strong tool to crush any idea of betterment.But history tells that the heavens do net let go any crime unpunished,and I have strong belief that the criminals of my country will surely face the divine trial.The opponent of Imran and PTI equates the slogan of change with the fairy-tales.Such cynical critics of PTI are very optimistic about never ending lies told by the representatives of their respective parties.They are not ready to be indulged in fairy-tales, yet I am amazed that they are happy with the nightmare ,they are living in.If the idea of change is fairy-tale ,let me enjoy it,as every fairy-tale has a morally justified fair ending,with very real and tangible idea of the victory of good over evils.Let me live with my faith in the ultimate victory of goodness

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A happy Government of unhappy nation

Raja Pervaiz Aashraf last address prior to dissolve assembly,sounds like a happy note for depressed and stressed public.Who knows that the worst situation could be waiting ahead or the other way around?But why to think of the time yet to come.When our ruling elites do not ever think about future then why should we?Let's stay at present,and enjoy the notion,''Pakistan is free though momentarily''.But the bitter memories of last five years and the even more bitter aftermath scenario do not let me to enjoy this freedom.Apart of this , freedom is not complete yet.The great SHAREEF Dynasty is not ready to leave the throne of Punjab.So ,let's enjoy this half freedom and hope for the best.

As I am feeling free and contented like  most of the Pakistanis,now my mind can ponder upon different lately happened events.The way , Government celebrated its success of devouring at the blood and flesh of poor messes,is really astonishing to me.The way Raja Sahib did count the invisible praise worth step taken by his government,made me think that our politicians (specially the folk ex Government, are wizards;they not  only build castles in the air but also force the poor masses to live in them.

Other than the speech of Raja Sahib,the celebration on the part of ex-Government. Why did they celebrate at all?.I want them all to stop and ask whether they are celebrating there five years in power (a government resulted by wicked alliance of opportunity seekers),or the five years that Pakistani people spend in carnage.But I am afraid that if this departing Government,by chance,  considers my question and takes five more years to answer,then what will I do?

So no more questions or complains.The delay in writing a letter to Swiss Government,the corruption of PIA,the current situation of electricity the wealth of Gilani family,I am ready to take back all my accusations.(for the time being though).My guarding angel is telling me again and again,''Let them leave as happy and contended as possible,a happy Government of unhappy nation''

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Talk,a tribute to ''talking''

 I love talking.My words define my existence. These words are the proof that I watch,feel,think and have enough stamina to express whatever stimulates my insight.I strongly believe that nothing is useless enough to be ignored.So we can talk about ever thing.The topics for talking are as prevalent as the phenomenon of talking itself.I was told that I started walking when i was six months old.This abrupt move without any prerequisite like crawling made my family aware rather cautious of my presence.This prior to schedule act became the cause to make others realize about my presence,but when I started talking-many months after- I myself realized that I actually exist.Random arbitrary thoughts kept busy in skirmishes inside my brain,and my tongue kept busy in broadcasting these bubbling ideas.Soon after,this task was taken by my pen.My writings became a way to shape my thoughts ,and then communicating them.The initial title of 'Talkative'-though not good title to be proud about-introduced me to my real self.A girl who think a lot,and who feel pride in thinking.

The ability to think and to feel does not let one to sit aloof.My thoughts and feelings are too strong to be ignored.The unexpressed feelings take shape of burning thoughts,and these thoughts find the path of expression by using the vehicle of words.Though my thinking is as whimsical as the happenings of the world,specially the part of the world we belong to named Pakistan.It is the area where uncertainty is the only thing ,one can be certain about.So,to be confused in such a chaotic realm is not a thing to be ashamed of.Yes,my ideas are zigzag ,yet they design my identity.My words are responsible of my individualism ,and when these words are shared with others,they make me a part of an intellectually strong social whole.Without facing the acid test of others' opinions ,my thinking can never be able to polish itself.This expression and sharing of individual ideas,give birth to a collective ideology that can keep a nation intact when it is on the verge of losing all necessary connection.