A happy Government of unhappy nation

Raja Pervaiz Aashraf last address prior to dissolve assembly,sounds like a happy note for depressed and stressed public.Who knows that the worst situation could be waiting ahead or the other way around?But why to think of the time yet to come.When our ruling elites do not ever think about future then why should we?Let's stay at present,and enjoy the notion,''Pakistan is free though momentarily''.But the bitter memories of last five years and the even more bitter aftermath scenario do not let me to enjoy this freedom.Apart of this , freedom is not complete yet.The great SHAREEF Dynasty is not ready to leave the throne of Punjab.So ,let's enjoy this half freedom and hope for the best.

As I am feeling free and contented like  most of the Pakistanis,now my mind can ponder upon different lately happened events.The way , Government celebrated its success of devouring at the blood and flesh of poor messes,is really astonishing to me.The way Raja Sahib did count the invisible praise worth step taken by his government,made me think that our politicians (specially the folk ex Government, are wizards;they not  only build castles in the air but also force the poor masses to live in them.

Other than the speech of Raja Sahib,the celebration on the part of ex-Government. Why did they celebrate at all?.I want them all to stop and ask whether they are celebrating there five years in power (a government resulted by wicked alliance of opportunity seekers),or the five years that Pakistani people spend in carnage.But I am afraid that if this departing Government,by chance,  considers my question and takes five more years to answer,then what will I do?

So no more questions or complains.The delay in writing a letter to Swiss Government,the corruption of PIA,the current situation of electricity the wealth of Gilani family,I am ready to take back all my accusations.(for the time being though).My guarding angel is telling me again and again,''Let them leave as happy and contended as possible,a happy Government of unhappy nation''


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