Let's Talk,a tribute to ''talking''

 I love talking.My words define my existence. These words are the proof that I watch,feel,think and have enough stamina to express whatever stimulates my insight.I strongly believe that nothing is useless enough to be ignored.So we can talk about ever thing.The topics for talking are as prevalent as the phenomenon of talking itself.I was told that I started walking when i was six months old.This abrupt move without any prerequisite like crawling made my family aware rather cautious of my presence.This prior to schedule act became the cause to make others realize about my presence,but when I started talking-many months after- I myself realized that I actually exist.Random arbitrary thoughts kept busy in skirmishes inside my brain,and my tongue kept busy in broadcasting these bubbling ideas.Soon after,this task was taken by my pen.My writings became a way to shape my thoughts ,and then communicating them.The initial title of 'Talkative'-though not good title to be proud about-introduced me to my real self.A girl who think a lot,and who feel pride in thinking.

The ability to think and to feel does not let one to sit aloof.My thoughts and feelings are too strong to be ignored.The unexpressed feelings take shape of burning thoughts,and these thoughts find the path of expression by using the vehicle of words.Though my thinking is as whimsical as the happenings of the world,specially the part of the world we belong to named Pakistan.It is the area where uncertainty is the only thing ,one can be certain about.So,to be confused in such a chaotic realm is not a thing to be ashamed of.Yes,my ideas are zigzag ,yet they design my identity.My words are responsible of my individualism ,and when these words are shared with others,they make me a part of an intellectually strong social whole.Without facing the acid test of others' opinions ,my thinking can never be able to polish itself.This expression and sharing of individual ideas,give birth to a collective ideology that can keep a nation intact when it is on the verge of losing all necessary connection.


Raajii said…
I am glad you havent stopped talking. A lot of people do as they grow older. You have valuable things to say and I hope you keep talking :-)
Sakshi said…
Keep talking. Don't clam up. EVER.
Loved this post :)

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