A selfless pray

I usually don’t like sending or receiving forward messages. As per thinking ,it is one of useless thing one can ever do. Just to make sure that we are using our free package of sms ,we keep on sending jocks,qoutations and poetry to others. But few days back i read a forward message on my sister’s mobile (though it’s really bad to read others’ cell..ooops).and there was a message that i found close to my heart as it was about praying to God in a selfless manner. I just want to share this text with you people.

I PRAY to God ‘’let all my friend be healthy and happy forever.

God said: For four days only

I said: Yes! Let them be every spring day, autumn day, summer day, and winter day.

God said:’ No! Three days.

I said: Yes! Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

God said: NO! Two days.

I said:’’bright day (daytime), Dark day (night time)

God said: ‘No! One day’’

I said: Yes!

God asked: Which day?

I said: Everyday.

God laughed and said: you really know how to negotiate .but since you are asking for happiness for your friends .I can’t refuse love everyone who thinks of others. All your friends will be happy inshAllah.


sheeza said…
great to hear... but dear i guess you also dont want some of your friends with you as useless purpose they would be or either not beneficial for you.

May you have good life take care,
with a pray you would have best out of best in your further life.
aw... this is the sweetest thing :-).
I am sure I have tried to manipulate God like this so many times :-)
He always listens :-)
Jack said…

Read 2 pending posts now. What you wrote for your dear husband is very very true. One should never offer prayers with selfish motive. This reminds me of what Sant Kabir says " DUKH MEIN SIMRAN SAB KAREIN, SUKH MEIN KARE NA KOYE, SUKH MEIN JO SIMRAN KARE, TO DUKH KAHE KO HOYE."

Take care
Aww, this is lovely!
birdy said…
This is indeed a lovely message.
La Dolce Vita said…
interesting concept-- negotiation with God...
hey thanks for the kind compliment about my work in my Dolce Shop, I truly appreciate it! this is a nice place you have here and i will have to come back for a viist! caterina
Huzaifa said…
Wow, thats a great pray dear... may ALLAH almighty bless you also always, amin.

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