Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Real Friends

No flower always smells the same , No butterfly always sheds the same color from its wings ,No happy incident always holds the same stamina to make one smile, No sad happening always keep one sad. None holds eternity except one thing that is BOOK.

Last day, I visited my favorite bookshop. After a long endeavor, I managed this visit. When I was strolling between bookshelves, my heart was feeling a strange ecstasy as if I am going to hunt a buried treasure. Then I found my treasure: a complete collection of my favorite writer Chaim Potok.

I don’t remember that how much old this relationship between me and books. But I know one thing that keeps this relationship stronger and alive. And that thing is my wish to keep myself fresh and to add new flavors to apparently the same looking life. I can’t claim that reading is the only habit that keeps one fresh yet I am enough assure to say that books are really selfless friends they just shower upon you immense happiness and demands nothing in return.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Love at first sight, everyone must have heard this (though not all do believe in it). But did you ever hear trust at first sight. The answer would be a ‘’ No’’.Why so?

A emotion of love, a certainly most strong emotion emerges in a flesh on the other hand trust which is also a feeling requires an ample duration to get built up. And even after taking so much time it could shake down in a moment. I pray for all of you that your trust may never get hurt.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miracle of Aging

Last night I was reading an article about an old farmer who spent his entire life in great hardships and still at the age of 95, he is quite healthy and active. The articles shared some secrets of remain happy and satisfied.Well such secrets and such stories often be published in different magazines under one or other title.

The thing that captured me is the painting of an old man (as the real character might not be providing his real pictures so magazine posted a painting just add colors),

The painting represented an old man with simple rather shabby clothes, with serious countenance on face, and who is looking somewhere with an aura of sagacity.

My memory said that my eyes have seen this person before. But I did not know that where it was. Then I suddenly saw my maternal grandfather’s face in that painting. The same sagacity: the way of looking towards nowhere. The same way of sitting in a way a hawk may be sitting in isolation. But my grandfather was not a farmer. He was lawyer and teacher, who spent his life in metropolitan.Then why such resemblance.Then my memory brought another same image. The face of an old shopkeeper whom I would pass by while coming back from school. My memory got accumulated with number of resembling figures. How could a picture resemble to many faces?.

Then I got the answer. The Miracle of Old Age. The never ending astonishing experiences of life, hardships, tests, alternate happy and sad moments, and struggle make a person to shed the artificial garb of mundane life and then the age come we all start looking Alike. That is the reason that kids usually look alike at the time of birth and even in school going age. As in this initial phase that really don’t know how to struggle for their fake identities that keep them superior from others. On the other way round, an old person start shedding off this fake identity and accept the fact that all humans are alike.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A happy Start

In the very start of the newly arrived year,we planned a warm picnic in such a cold winter.
First time visited the only Safari Park of Lahore.This happy start and relaxed start of the year is surely a good omen for the upcoming days.