23rd of April and the time is 10:40 pm

Its 23rd of April and the time is 10:40 pm.Another day is approaching towards its end.
I am free,free enough to think about the pace of time.Right now ,I don't have clock at any of the wall of my room.So,there is no tick-tick literally which could realize me the maneuvering of time.Yet my pulse is doing this job with its every throb.

Altaf is late tonight.This software development is really unpredictable stuff .But soon he will be at home.Either we will watch movie or just will have a cup of tea.Then ,he will continue with his online lectures,and I will resume my reading.

After few hours,my head will start feeling heavy and words will seem looking like mere black spots.
I will set my pillow under my head ,and take a plunge in the valley of sleep just to get out again in the morning.A morning that will welcome me with a new day  having new identity ''24th of April''


goatman said…
Time is a free bird that needs to be captured into the clocks for us to see. I try to let it go as much as possible by itself.

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