Poverty? What a cruel and strange phenomenon

Living in poverty does not only assign one the title of POOR but also does change the definition of all the concepts and values for one.The concept of self reliance and self confidence be perished by Hunger and Disease.Today my maid told me that she had not eaten anything since morning .My fridge was almost empty as I was fasting and had no planning to cook anything till Iftar .(breaking of Fast).Anyhow i gave her few rupees.But what difference could they make?.By tomorrow ,her husband again will not be able to earn enough money and gain she will have to ask more money.In the way ,she will have to cross the threshold of self reliance for so many times till 1st of next month. Her poverty has also changed the meaning of gratitude for her.Despite my polite and somehow generous attitude,she keeps on telling me that this or that rich neighbors of mine are ready to pay this much money for the  same amount of work she does at my home.Sometime i feel irritated and call her opportunist but then my conscience reprimands me and says''A 24 hours of hunger without any shelter are enough to make anyone opportunist and what not.

There is a unique and cruel philosophy working behind  poverty that  can only justify the somehow repelling attitude of poor.  As we all are poor in one or other way.Every strata of society has is own domain of Basic NEEDS.


I Romanticize said…
My sentiments exactly. We need to do whatever we can to help.

I am glad you wrote this. We need to write about more about this.
anonymous007 said…
yes it is my sentiment too glad to talk more requirement to aid the indigent

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