A strange world of Facebook

Strange world of Facebook

1>the girls who spend all university /college years cursing each other and in back biting ,promptly become friends on facebook after getting married just to show off newly found husbands.

" oh such a nice couple"
" looking awesome jani" bla bla bla

2> people who have spent money and time on "Aamil bawa bangali" for casting spell on relatives suddenly become fan of Dr zakir naik and dr tariq jameel.

3>a baby is born in labour room but celebrated in facebook...tiny creature weighing 5 to 6 pounds struggling to look like human seed,is put on the time line and here come comments:

" oh shoo shweetoo"
" oh little princess "
"oh look like dad/mom"
bla bla

4>wife and husband ( while cannot find another any other personal slot to admire each other ) appreciating each other for nothing:

" i am so thankful to ALLAH who gave me husband like you"
" oh you are my janu hubby"


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