One 's Search

Many years back , one started one's search for love. One was not aware of the definition of love yet one had a craving and so one continued to search to find it.And after immense wondering, one found ONE that one decided to make one's someone special . One thought for a while that one has found true love. After some time, one felt that some shades of care were missing, one thought a LOVE without care would still be love unless honesty is there.Then one day one was betrayed. And then one thought that Love can still be celebrated unless the feeling of regret is not missing.And the moment came when one felt that lack of care and honesty was being celebrated without a bit of regret. And then  one came to know that love can not found it can only be bestowed by God.And God is still creating this phenomenon. Now One has given on the idea of finding love.Now one has decided that when love would come back to God, one will assist one's God in creating LOVE .So quit your search till one is busy with one's God.


goatman said…

I hope for you love and honesty.
Thank you for finding my blog. Seems not many do their thoughts in detail on the blogs anymore.
I like to expound and research on my blog -- gives me a chance to seek detail and document what I find.
Your blog is interesting and fun to read.

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