Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Afraid or Defeated or Cautious

We are afraid of so many things. In-fact we are afraid of being afraid. Being afraid means you have something to loose. Something precious, valuable. Something concrete. And sometime , you are afraid of losing a FEELING. Yes.You feel afraid that you stop feeling in that way. That the feeling will stop stimulating your heart. And heart will stop pampering your brain.
Well, I am afraid that one day I will come to know or I already know that the strong feeling that I have one person who is mine as I have made him forget all the rival thoughts, will leave me . I often close my eyes and tell myself that its not like that.

His darting eyes while I speak is not the sign of his boredom but his style.
He does not talk about few things not for the pain that the certain names might cause but for the triviality of the memories.
He ................................................

I cannot be a watchman. I cannot be a prosecutor. I cannot be indifferent either.
I can only timidly guess or be afraid. 

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