Does it always help to Debate?

I am the laziest student of my class rather least interested what’s going on around me except the lecture of my instructor. But few days back an incident jerked me .My teacher was teaching us a theory about pragmatics. He gave an example to explain some part of the theory. While giving the example, he made a comparison and during making this he happened to say that ‘’look students as we all know that ugliness is a bad quality. He said so just to explain some point. But a girl interrupted him by saying this’’No.Sir ugliness is not a bad quality is just a draw back’’.My teacher said that it is a bad quality because it repels other not attract. The same girl again rejected his point of view by saying that to be ugly is not the fault of any one so how it could be a bad quality. Sir said even though a person has no authority upon his/her look yet ugliness is considered one’s negative attribute.

Well a mischievous boy used this chaotic situation of the class by making some rude remarks about girl’s taking style and Sir had ti wind up his debate.

Well what I learned from this small incident is that one should ponder upon the situation and crowd at least once before staring any debate because most of the time paradoxical debates lead us to nothing.

And second thing that made me to write this post is an urge to ask the same question to my friends

Wht you thing ugliness is bad or negative attribute or not”


Well it depends. When ignorants debate (as in the example you presented) its a whole different story as compared to when intellectuals debate :-)
Sakshi said…
Well it totally depends on the situation and the kind of remarks that are flying around you.
In the incident that you were talked about, it truly was unfair on the part of the Prof to make that kind of a comment...
Otherwise, its wiser to open your mouth when you know about the topic in hand.
Thousif Raza said…
i agree with the the girl its a draw back sure... but its not a negetive quality she' dint develop it wheras she can sure try fixing it ... nice to see ya back :)

take care and keep writing........
Heavenly Muse said…
@ raaji
you are right
the debate of ignorant people are like fight of furious dogs(oops rude comment)
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Tousif Raza
thanks for lending your precious words.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ solo life
but for a week people like me.
Pratik Gupta said…
Its just an attribute and the tag of positive and negative is just a personal choice. This is how every attribute should be treated rather tagging them with a general notion....

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