Messed up

Flood, diseases, inflation, unexpected problems, family issues, and study’s matter .My mind had been mingling with such kind of stuff from the last two months. The prevailing pain in my surrounding did not let me to turn on my PC .The reality was so bitter that that I could not find any words to flourish my blog. Sometimes facts make us dumb and miseries do not let us play with the idealistic world of abstract words.

Though I am not directly the victim of flood, yet I can feel the causes, effects and aftermath situations. The insensitivity of human race not only snatched the essence of humanity but also invited the wrath of divine hand. Well……………………..I am here to say hello AFTER A LONG ABSENCE to those who felt my absence and even those who do not even know about my existence J.


Thousif Raza said…
welll i felt your absence... and in a way i can relate to wahat you say here.... floods are cruel... :(... well glad to see you back... hope to see you soon :)

take care and keep writing........
well you have a kind heart, at least you are sympathetic. Most of us glance at the news and the next moment forget about the miseries of the world around us.
iriz said…
"paradoxical debates lead us to nothing." i agree with you about that.

i don't think we should focus on the physical appearance. humans are wonderfully made. we don't just look at, we should see it through.

have a great day!
Toyin O. said…
I think we should try to see what is in people's heart rather than their physical appearance. maturity and growth is a neccesity in life.

Just also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment. take care and God bless!

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