So It Is The Right Time

The first Gift of Flowers that I have ever received in my life.

Strange! I never received flowers in my 25 years long life span despite being a social being.Well.Its really nice to receive such a lovely gift from a person who is your Mr,Right,officially and emotionally.:-)

(Especially when we both are officially bound after Nikah ceremony and waiting for a wedding ceremony expected in November)


lizzie said…
awwwww :) MashAllah
Sakshi said…
Awwwwwww! Awwwww!!! And AWWWWWW! How thoughtful!
Here is cheers to your Mr. Right and to your journey together! :)
Bikramjit said…
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all the best .. and november is the best month of the year :)

Mind Writer! said…
Congratulation... girl. It feels really nice reading about the joyous events of the bloggers around whose blogs we read. But one thing I suddenly realized, I don't even know your name! :)
~Ellie Kings~ said…
After 25 years, you deserve those beautiful flowers from your Mr.Right. Enjoy them and congratulations. May you have a happy life together.
Hello Greetings,

Beautiful flowers and I can visualise that both the receiver and giver are immensely thrilled and happy.I should say that your cups of joy would be full and overflowing.

My best wishes to both of you for a wonderful life.
dr.antony said…
The flowers might wither.
But keep the fragrance,for ever !
Heavenly Muse said…
@ lizzie
thanks for considering the post.


thanks for the sincere wish


really ?....well i like November because of its mild weather..not too hot nor too the way feb and november both are special for me :-)

@Joseph Pulikoti

yup ....these flowers have a story to tell..;-)
will discuss with my bloggers friends some other time...its really nice o see your comment sir....keep showering me with best wishes...

@Ellie Kings

after 25 years i desrerved it ..and after 28 years ,,he mananged to give some girl such kind of gift..;-)

@Mind writer

:-).... namee...
well i was born as Arooj Arooj Rehman

@ Dr,Antony...
i Hope so..InshAllah...
meerasrajan said…
Oh this is so sweet! Wish you all the very best my dear.

Kali said…
Jack said…
H M,

May God shower all the happiness and good on you both. May you both have many years of togetherness full of love, success, happiness and peace. I have been little erratic in visiting. Read all pending post. I agree with 50/50. One should learn from mistakes but not dwell upon past. Books are real friends and make you happy when one is sad. What you said about age, children and old persons looking alike is so true. In first case it is innocence and later case sagacity. Lahore is my birth place.

Take care

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