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I always feel that the extent of care and attention I have been showing towards other, I don’t get the same in return. Very bitter realization! But I started feeling this since the start of my socialization. My easy going attitude could not always earn the same response for me.
Believe me, I could have been the victim of this bitter reality but then one day my teacher gave us a very good lecture regarding one’s true self.
He says;
Just imagine when you communicate or deal with someone, your personality represents letter ’’A’’.
And other’s represents letter ‘’B’’.what ever you do, whatever you say, it comes under the qualities of ‘’A ‘and same is the case with the representative of ‘’B’’.
The moment you starts behaving under influence of ‘’B’’, the’’ A’’ starts losing its identity. Supposed if B is not sincere and A also reduce the level of sincerity .This very attitude makes A to behave like B and eventually another B emerges on the ashes of A.
So be yourself regardless you are getting the same in response or not. Don’t let B to take the charge of A.


Asma Khan said…
A very beautiful example... :)
Be who you are, never change your positive attitude if you are not receiving same in return... :)
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Himanshu said…
@arooj really nice every alphabet has its own relevance. Combination of alphabets create words. A should not get angry if it comes last in word 'MAA' and M too react responsibly if it comes last in 'AM'.
I am an Income Tax student. As per the law we must set off our short term capital loss with long term capital gain. This rule too applies in our life too.
Bikramjit said…
interesting theory .. but yes one should be who one is .. its when we start to change for some nad not others that things start ot change ..

Shomoita Alam said…
Hey Arooj! Loved the theory. I always too sometimes feel that I don't get enough attention in return! But let's not B take over A! :D

All of us are in the same boat.We all feel the same. People don't show love and affection as much as we give and we are disappointed. Probably the best attitude will be not to expect anything in return. In this case we will never be disappointed. The problem starts when we expect some thing in return for what we do. This leads to disappointment, disillusion and despondency. After all the others are also human beings and they don't have the same level of comfort, understanding,background,family circumstances, working conditions as we have. They have their own pressures and pulls in different directions. Even if they want to show the same kindness, affection and understanding as we extend to them, they are just unable to do so because of the peculiar nature of the circumstances they are in. As I said the best thing for us to do is to expect nothing in return. Then what ever others do will make us immensely happy.

Instead of B converting us why not we convert them to A. Can we not try for this? If we can do this, we will have a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

I enjoyed reading your teacher's theory. There is some truth in it.

Wish you all the best,
Jack said…
H M,

I am so happy that I can visit your space without any problems now. What your teacher says is so very true. I always maintain that one should be what one is and never try to copy others. If one has some negative qualities it is better to make efforts to overcome those but never change your basic self.

Take care

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