A ringing Happiness

Hi to all after a very long time. This time a wish if sharing a story I read long ago in a children magazine (in 1996 or 97 made me writing this post. I believe that every one living in current times needs to give it a reading .The story was in Urdu, I tried to translate it in English in a possible comprehensible way.

‘’once upon a time, there was a poor young couple used to live in a small village. They were extremely poor and possessed only a dilapidated hut, a small piece of land and weak goat. Husband really worked hard round a clock yet the small field did not return enough. Despite all these hardship, there was something in there life that never let their excitement and hope die and that was the smile of the wife. When husband came back to home really tried after a whole day work, the smiling face of the wife erased all of his exhasuion.He often asked his wife, “dear, what it is that always keeps you happy and contented even in such bad situation’’.She replied, ‘I don’t know but there is something that always remains with me and never let me to get sad or so’’.

One day a witch came to their place in a guise of a bagger woman. She offered them an immense wealth in return of a very small thing. The couple was astonished and told her that they didn’t have a scratch to give her in return. The witch said, “your wife has strange useless bell in her heart and a very few people in this world possess this .I want this .Do you have any objection’’.The couple agreed and allow her to take this bell. In fact they both hardly believed that there was any such bell at all. The witch put her hand at wife’s heart and uttered some strange words and left. The couple saw that their small piece of land converted into big green fields and replaced the hut with a castle

They have everything now but something was missing; the smile of the wife. All day long she kept wondering in the big castle but got not even a bit of contentment .A month passed by like this. The husband could not bear this condition of his wife and decided to go back to that strange bagger who was in actual a witch. They reached to her place after covering very dangerous path. When the witch saw them, she threw a really angry look. They asked for the bell and allow her to take all the wealth back. The witch told her that this was the last day ,if they got even a bit late the bell would become hers forever.Anyhow,she uttered again some strange words and inserted the bell in the Wife’s heart.

When the couple returned, there hut was there amidst the small field and the same old week goat was standing there. They are again poor yet they had the most precious thing ‘the contended smile of the wife’.


May Allah bless us with the same independent kind of happiness.


Himanshu said…
Amen is the first and last word came in my mind. I like the story and of course the moral. Allah must blessed all human race with this. A child like smile has the cosmic magic. I wish u will surely have such soon.
Bikramjit said…
lovely story.
and yes may your wish come true and we all are blessed ..

ayie said…
hapinness always

Very interesting story with a great lesson in it. Yesterday I heard Anna Hazare, the social activist in India, who is leading a fast to introduce the Jan Lokpal Bill. He has massive following all over India. He was speaking on the same line. He said I am poor, I am living a simple life. I am living in a small room in a temple. I am seventy four years old. I have no heart problem, I am no diabetes, I am healthy. I don't have money. I am very,very happy. He was taking a dig at the ministers who live in huge bungalows, own fabulous cars and live in luxury but highly corrupted.

Best wishes,
You have a wonderful blog! Thanks for your lovely comment on Rabbit Hole Art..Visit soon!
Tabitha Bird said…
The bell! what a beautiful story. I too need a bell. Perhaps the thing is to craft our own and put it in our heart.
Jack said…

There is nothing which can be better than contentment of a person. No amount of riches can ever buy that. Thanks for sharing this valuable story.

Take care

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