Don't do this please!

How it is easy to generate complexity ;

To put the burden of heavy thoughts to make breathing tiresome.

To utter a single ‘’No’’ to the eyes waiting for ‘’One yes’’.

To pass one dry statement to drain off the smile from the face.

We take such easy steps to create what a difficulty for others.

isn't it strangely sad !

(That’s what I experienced from life. May Allah bless us)


Sakshi said…
You are not the only one who learnt this lesson!
It is the sad truth of life! Unfortunately!
But like you said in the end- May God Bless Us!
I know how its feel.Still learning it.

Follow each other.
Thousif Raza said…
may he bless us all indeed... :) nice thoughts :)

take care and keep writing.......
Himanshu said…
yes its hard very hard & painfull to hear NO. Cant say much about this post because its really painfull for me to elaborate, as i had many many bad memories attached to it.....srryyyy
Raajii said…
And you will. It is just a matter of time :-)
Jack said…

True. We do such things without second thoughts. Is it not better that we do not do what we do not want others to do?

Take care

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