Today I read my palm with the help of palmistry websites. (Authentic or non-authentic).

Such an ordinary hand I have got. No fate line. Career line is lost or hidden somewhere.

Health line is also not giving good signals. The ‘’logic space’ of thumb is also very narrow. The girdle of Venus shows I am inclined to get mental collapse. Head line is too long in one hand in too short in other. Marriage line was the most ambiguous one.

I suddenly close my hand to get rid of the drawn luck on my palm.

But the very next moment I found myself giggling. I realized, it’s not my hand which needs to be closed but the free webpage of palmistry.

Believe me ,now I am feeling really good.


Sakshi said…
Arooj.. kismat toh unki bhi hoti hai na, jinka haath nahin hota! :D
Bikramjit said…
:) well one makes the fate with what one does. the choices one makes ..

I dont beleive much in the lines of the hand..

Arooj said…
@ Sakshi
han na!

@ Bikramjit
truely said Sir
Himanshu said…
nice i too try few time & result is the same as we can see
in the picture
Sruthi said…
cool one... the pic is awesome...
Jack said…
H M,

LOL. Do you believe in this? I do know that position of planets at the time and place of birth does have some influence but no one can predict what is in store accurately. Relax. Just do what your conscience allows and God will surely take care of the rest.

Take care

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