A wish

I spent four years of my B.A Honors watching through this window of girls’ common room.

My 2 or three free hours got consumed sitting there and watching how the light comes through and illuminates the whole darkness of old room.

I used to think how light finds its way inside. I always got hopeful and energetic whenever I observed the play of sunrays with the navy-blue curtains, brown furniture and dusty carpet. In no time the whole room embraced the light .I liked it the moment most when darkness surrender itself in front of light.

I want the same play in my other areas of life.


Asma Khan said…
Indeed I got a great message from this line; "darkness surrender itself in front of light."
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Lovely photo and great thoughts. Yes,darkness always represents evil,fear,despair,gloom,troubles.We always look for light at the end of the tunnel.We always look for light to dispel darkness in our life.

Our college motto was, LUCEAT LUX VESTRA, which means let your light shine.

Best wishes,
Bikramjit said…
awesome pic and may your wish come true ...

All the best

Wine and Words said…
And I like it when the light surrenders to night. The edges of daylight are my favorite...sunset, sunrise. The shadows are pleasing and no light seems as beautiful as that about to be born, or die.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
Jack said…

May God let light make your life illuminated and bright.

Take care

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