Sunday, May 15, 2011

A useless lengthy post

Now a days I am getting very self-centered.

I guess it’s because of my being free most of the time and having nothing much to do. Well during this conference with my ownself.I discovered something about my deepest lying attitude. And this attitude has something to do with my internal fear. I felt that as I am a human being (the news so far about my living style prove that I am a human beingJ),so my attitude might have been the part of some other people’s personality as human being share few traits.

At the age of 8 ,I started writing poetry. Initially, there were just some collection of couplets then soon it started adding the shades of love poetry in it. At the age of 12 I was a writing a complete ghazal with tinge of parting moments, infidelity of lover, and the longing of beloved. These were the emotions and experiences I had never felt at that time. Even I don’t even feel any emotional attachment with any one as I was very young; just 12 years old. Life was really smooth with occasionally problems. But I always wrote in sad mode. My mother was so concerned about my morphic mode of poetry but when I told her that I just mechanically create this environment to create some poetry, she stopped asking questions. I kept writing poetry. I accomplished in some styles of poem .And at the age of 19, I got my book published. Not very good piece of work but not very bad either. Book came and book vanished. Lack of proper publishing and flaws and publicity didn’t make me famous. I, initially, felt disappointment but then forgot it with the passage of time. But I always tried to produce more poetic work but I couldn’t.

Then I got an answer. During my childhood, I was full of hope and strength. I knew at that time that whatever I was writing it’s just my imagination and it has nothing to do with my own self. I made enough fun of such critical emotions at that there was a belief that life would never be that difficult for me. And now, when I have more treasures of words and experiences, it’s difficult to produce the same artificial piece of sorrow. May be now I know that hollow heart of Arooj is now fill with enough tangible sufferings and its difficult to produce truth.:-).

Monday, May 9, 2011

A fairwell to words.

I have been talking since the moment it’s even difficult for one to understand words. But I have talking since that part of my life. During childhood I loved to talk about almost every type of matter. I memorized the name of some politician and amazed the listener by the information I gathered from news and from the conversation with my grandfather. Though it was not completely a wise talk yet it enough wise one it came from a five years old girl. I always stored a number of historical incidents and narrated them according to the situation.My huge storage of jokes and quotations made my talk even more interesting .I remember I was the most famous student in school and university. Not because of my wisdom or intelligence just because of my TALK.(A true talkative lady J)

Well then time took usual turn as it supposed to at certain period of my life. I disconnected myself from academic life and become house dwelling girl. I have more or less the same sort of knowledge with more polished awareness. The book I read in last two decades, the articles, even the faces I read during this long duration have added enough material to my t treasure. But now I feel I have next to negligible material to talk, lesser words and distorted statement.

Am I not talkative anymore? Have I lost the most precious spice of my conversation that kept the people around me amused for considerable period? I guess nothing has changed except there is no listener. There were my listeners in different garbs that forced me to talk, that indulged me in an illusion that I am a genius speaker. But they disappeared for one or the other reason. No listener, No words.

Anyhow, the life is getting accustomed of this newly emerging silence.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Disturbs me,:-(


Innocent childhood changes itself into blooming youth and leaves behind its carelessness . Youth changes itself in a wise middle age and leaves behind the sweet taste of subtle foolishness……….

I hate this word….this state…..this idea…….

It says the hope for the best…soon the things will change their course…but I ask why they are not already on the right path. When a single change brings some good to one’s life it also shake some settled matters.

I know it’s stupid but I am really fed up of this phenomenon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Yes! I am afraid.

He died today; who? It’s not even necessary to mention.

People are making joy in America. They are rightful doing this.

People with extremist bent of mind must be feeling sorry for Laden’s killing.

People having moderate ideas must be having sighed of relief.

What will be the aftermath?

People in Pakistan are apparently relived with this incident but actually afraid of America‘s next move regarding Pakistan and Taliban residing areas. America has authority .He has right to write nations’ fate. So they all have same question in their eyes

How many drones there will be in the celebration of this successful maneuver?

How many suicide attacks there will in Pakistan in the revenge of laden’s death as Pakistan does not prove to be safe place for him

How many more people will die?

How many …………………..

Not being a Muslim, neither being a Pakistani, I think of it hundreds of time being a Human being

‘’Humans planned, humans are trained to kill, Humans design a killing plot humans kill, humans are killed,

In the end no religion suffers, no ideology dies, no nation takes the resonposibility.

Just suffer one thing


The most dangerous specie.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tricks to earn trust

In this materialistic age; where blood relations are lacking of mutual reliance their importance; It’s difficult to believe that a specific group of people know that how to earn others trust in few seconds.
This person neither resides near your living place nor do they belong to their work place. Yet, they win their heart in such a tremendous manner that you just can’t figure out what is right and what is wrong.
Let’s imagine yourself in a situation where you are about to shop some goods and the shop does not really have any attraction and you are about to leave that shop. The moment you put your step at the threshold the shop keeper requests to you to just see some special stuff and also says that as you are not bound to buy yet you can lend some precious moments. Your hearts melts down and you decide to just give them a look just to honor the shopkeeper request. He starts showing you the same ordinary things that you already have seen but this time he asks about business, your work place, your birth place .After asking some basic question, he manages to maintain a mutual far off relationship either with your birth place or residence area. Without getting confirmed this suddenly aroused relationship, you feel a soft corner for the shopkeeper in your heart and feel yourself obliged to buy something from place. This magic of shopkeeper’s sweet tongue lasts until you come back to your house and start finding out the flaws of just purchased stuff.
If you just come across by this type situation then be careful for the next time.