Tricks to earn trust

In this materialistic age; where blood relations are lacking of mutual reliance their importance; It’s difficult to believe that a specific group of people know that how to earn others trust in few seconds.
This person neither resides near your living place nor do they belong to their work place. Yet, they win their heart in such a tremendous manner that you just can’t figure out what is right and what is wrong.
Let’s imagine yourself in a situation where you are about to shop some goods and the shop does not really have any attraction and you are about to leave that shop. The moment you put your step at the threshold the shop keeper requests to you to just see some special stuff and also says that as you are not bound to buy yet you can lend some precious moments. Your hearts melts down and you decide to just give them a look just to honor the shopkeeper request. He starts showing you the same ordinary things that you already have seen but this time he asks about business, your work place, your birth place .After asking some basic question, he manages to maintain a mutual far off relationship either with your birth place or residence area. Without getting confirmed this suddenly aroused relationship, you feel a soft corner for the shopkeeper in your heart and feel yourself obliged to buy something from place. This magic of shopkeeper’s sweet tongue lasts until you come back to your house and start finding out the flaws of just purchased stuff.
If you just come across by this type situation then be careful for the next time.


Christopher said…
I've got a few good traits, but I could never be a salesman. Being warm isn't always my strong suit. Oh well, at least people mostly think I'm honest.
Heavenly Muse said…
yup atleast they wone suspect you

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