It Disturbs me,:-(


Innocent childhood changes itself into blooming youth and leaves behind its carelessness . Youth changes itself in a wise middle age and leaves behind the sweet taste of subtle foolishness……….

I hate this word….this state…..this idea…….

It says the hope for the best…soon the things will change their course…but I ask why they are not already on the right path. When a single change brings some good to one’s life it also shake some settled matters.

I know it’s stupid but I am really fed up of this phenomenon.


Bikramjit said…
yes it does but thats what life is.. we shud live that moment .. thats why they say so cause whats gone never comes back ..

Sakshi said…
Change is the only constant! :)
Punam said…
In that case, you should read 'Who moved my cheese' - the book is very good. I will be posting a review of the book soon. :)

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