Yes! I am afraid.

He died today; who? It’s not even necessary to mention.

People are making joy in America. They are rightful doing this.

People with extremist bent of mind must be feeling sorry for Laden’s killing.

People having moderate ideas must be having sighed of relief.

What will be the aftermath?

People in Pakistan are apparently relived with this incident but actually afraid of America‘s next move regarding Pakistan and Taliban residing areas. America has authority .He has right to write nations’ fate. So they all have same question in their eyes

How many drones there will be in the celebration of this successful maneuver?

How many suicide attacks there will in Pakistan in the revenge of laden’s death as Pakistan does not prove to be safe place for him

How many more people will die?

How many …………………..

Not being a Muslim, neither being a Pakistani, I think of it hundreds of time being a Human being

‘’Humans planned, humans are trained to kill, Humans design a killing plot humans kill, humans are killed,

In the end no religion suffers, no ideology dies, no nation takes the resonposibility.

Just suffer one thing


The most dangerous specie.


Rachna said…
A very complex thought put very simply.
Bikramjit said…
religion is jsut a excuse .. no religion says kill a innocent person ..

and as you say its the HUMAN race that suffers end of the day , because of some silly things others do ..

a good post

Heavenly Muse said…
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Sakshi said…
I agree with what you say. The aftermath, may as well be the end of the world.
In the bid to out do each other and to prove who is more righteous they forget what really is right and what is wrong! Humanity is what is right, and humans forget just that!
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Rachna
this complex thought overcome me too in complex manner but my mantle unstability did not allow me to minglew with heavy words.
Heavenly Muse said…

we ourselves design the bounderies of religion and then stemp some figures as outcast and then prepare our colonies for an expected revenge from their side.
A good notion a terrorist died who used religion but the bad omen is that all the people living around his residing place would face malencholical result just because of geographical and may be ethinic intimacy
Christopher said…
I find myself hopeful. We live in a very different world than we lived in 10 years ago. The landscape in the Middle East has changed drastically in the last few months thanks to peaceful resistance, not terror.

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