A fairwell to words.

I have been talking since the moment it’s even difficult for one to understand words. But I have talking since that part of my life. During childhood I loved to talk about almost every type of matter. I memorized the name of some politician and amazed the listener by the information I gathered from news and from the conversation with my grandfather. Though it was not completely a wise talk yet it enough wise one it came from a five years old girl. I always stored a number of historical incidents and narrated them according to the situation.My huge storage of jokes and quotations made my talk even more interesting .I remember I was the most famous student in school and university. Not because of my wisdom or intelligence just because of my TALK.(A true talkative lady J)

Well then time took usual turn as it supposed to at certain period of my life. I disconnected myself from academic life and become house dwelling girl. I have more or less the same sort of knowledge with more polished awareness. The book I read in last two decades, the articles, even the faces I read during this long duration have added enough material to my t treasure. But now I feel I have next to negligible material to talk, lesser words and distorted statement.

Am I not talkative anymore? Have I lost the most precious spice of my conversation that kept the people around me amused for considerable period? I guess nothing has changed except there is no listener. There were my listeners in different garbs that forced me to talk, that indulged me in an illusion that I am a genius speaker. But they disappeared for one or the other reason. No listener, No words.

Anyhow, the life is getting accustomed of this newly emerging silence.


Christopher said…
You're better at adapting to change than I am. I would just end up yammering to myself all the time. I do that now in fact.
Bikramjit said…
hmmm we are trained and taught with one thing always helps the gift of GOB. One can achieve lot more than strength by talking...

It does not mean that you have lost anything , people have moved on.. now you blog so what you have to say you can type :)

different phases of life all this ..

Take care and Smile
Kathe W. said…
hmmm I think I still talk away blah blah blah to the cat and anyone else that will listen.
Wine and Words said…
Words are only 15% of communication. Even with our mouth shut we speak volumes. Even if we speak out loud with no audience, there are listeners, for we are many selves reconciling.

Your situation has changed and you have adapted to the changed situation. Change is the only permanent thing in life.

Best wishes,
Himanshu said…
i love it really love it. feeling totally connected especially with the first paragraph except one line regarding popularity in school & college. I too do the same. Just sit with my Nana ji and talk about historic events like partition, ancient India, about ur country & religion etc. He always complain that u never quit .lol...
Please dont say u dont have listeners. I love reading ur posts and its the cycle of time ups & down. I too feel unmotivated from my family members many times but you have to live with it. Thanks for bringing happiness on my face.
Jack said…
H M,

I have been very lethargic and did not visit for long. Read all pending posts now. Just do not worry. Go ahead and write what you wish to as there are many who like to read your posts, I for one am there. Businessmen or shopkeepers earn due to their sweet talk. Do keep that in mind. Those who indulge in terrorism do so or misguide others to do so because of their vested & selfish interests as no religion preaches killing of unarmed innocents, old, women or children. Change is the only thing constant in life. So do not be afraid of it. It is not you who have lost skill to talk but it is lack of people around you to listen which makes you be silent. Earlier you had lot of people around you who encouraged you to talk during your childhood, school or college days.

Take care

PS : No visit for a long time?
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Jack
How are u feeling now Uncle Jack?
very encouraging remarks...:-)

@ Himanshu
you know when I said grand father ...i was also talking about my NANA ji ..
and the events of partition and their days of studies at DIYAL SINGH college Lahore with very few Muslim and Hindu girls around ;-)
again grateful to Ur response

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