I am going to be interviewed?

Yup! By tomorrow ,I am going for my first interview.It is not for any job, it’s not for any big post, it’s just for a mere diploma.A diploma for which my present qualification is more than enough.Yet,I asked my friends ,cousins and elders that what could be possible situation over there. I received very contrasting answers. My father said ,’’Oh Arooj!you keep on shouting all day about different matters ,what the problem for you to handle two or three people sitting in front of you’’.My sister says,’’oh Dear! You always complain about pity issues, there will be such a brief exchange of few questions just take it easy’’.My cousin says, ‘you have been inspiration for me in this regards why you are looking so worried’’.And Husband (to be) said,’’ You are an embodiment of confidence, this confusion does not suite you’’.

But you know friends; I am really scared. Tomorrow I am going to be judged. The interviewers will start noticing me the moment I will enter the room till the moment I will leave that place. They will also notice the way I take my seat and then leave it afterwords. The way I deliver my answers the way I look the way I ………….Oh NO….


Martin H. said…
Have confidence. People cannot judge you without your permission.

Remember, they will be under your scrutiny also. Good luck.
Rishi said…
well.. all i've heard is.. keep ur back straight.. keep a smile and use a brain.. that always works.. :)

all da bestest
sheeza said…
good luck dear .

hope to hear good news.

Shimmer said…
it may be too late fr me to giv u some confidence invoking statements :P
but i must ask.. how did it go??
Standbymind said…
It ll be smoooth...!

all the best!

Tell us how did it go!!!
Thousif Raza said…
good luck, best of luck, may all the angels be with you :)

have misssed you man :)

take care and keep writing.....

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