Why should I care at all?

Last night I was reading a poem written by John Donne in which he scolds his beloved that why she cares about the opinions of people about their relationship. As he believes it is something against the passion of any emotion to pay so much attention to one’s own reputation and people’s openion.this very poem drags me to my real world and the mess created by unwelcomed opinions passed by unwelcomed critics. When we stepped into mature phase of life, we find ourselves in the realm of strict observation and we can’t even figure out that when the shower of criticism gets started. We are not given any to chance to find out any slot to hide ourselves. Because, the people who pass their opinions about our personal matters, do this job with such an authoritative aura that we cannot even think about of checking them.

But, do we really want to check them? I guess not really. Because in some other frame of reference, we are also the part of this very irrational community of critics. We also feel pleasure by talking about others’ personal lives. We also feel light by making rumors of subtle issues of one’s privacy. We pass our hours leisure by making useless phone calls such to tell our friends that roll no: 02 had his break up with roll no: 03 and with this roll.no:06 is very happy. When this opinion making can offer such an immense pleasure then why should I care about at all? Pass comments and face them as well. As it is the part of life. But believe me this is the only thing that has the capacity to create such a great fuss at psychological level that that cannot be removed via any mental therapy.


Sakshi said…
I had a long chat with my dance instructor... and she explained to me that it is just soooooo difficult to live up to your own expectations, why are you caring about the world. Be a star- coz you are one.
ahh the culture sucks!! I dont think anyone should have a right to speak about other person's business... but sadly people tend to remain more involved in our lives than they should be.
Eileen said…
You raise some very interesting points here- I guess everyone has been quite critical of someone else at some point, and we should be prepared to for them to reciprocate.
I absolutely love your blog, by the way!
Nice post , I guess at some point we all do stop caring about the criticism and comments
Ashley said…
So true. We say we don't care about what people say, but somewhere we all do. We discuss but don't like to be discussed.

Nice blog. Thanks for your comment on mine!
Cheers :)

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