Hush! My Noisy Optimism

Listen, how much it is making noise, how much it is indulging me false enterprises, and how much it is into in making fake promises. Whenever, I start believing that now things will never come in right shape, this stupid emerges and shatters my belief. Whenever I teach my desire to stay behind, it comes and compels it to move ahead in the realm of impossibilities. Whenever I tell myself that you are all alone and ask it not to look around for any put my hand in someone’s and again start a relationship that has everything except Relation.
It does not let me live me in righteous manner. It does not let me die. I still don’t know that from where it does come and how can I get rid of it,’’ this noisy Optimism’’


sheeza said…
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sheeza said…
well heavenly muse this is i think what we all called a life, so uncertain and so unpredictable.

whenever we start believing that this is the sheer end and no more changes can occur, there the miracles happen and we wonder stuck on Allah's unfathomable powers.

brilliantly written.
Sakshi said…
Life is a surprise!!! So, the only way it can surprise us- is when we think that all we have is hopelessness and then all of a sudden we find that tiny reason to be hopeful again.
It is at these times- that we are truly living a life.
After all they say- that how can we value happiness like the way we do, if we are never sad.
Being the optimist- IS AWESOME. Keep it.
Rishi said…
give it to me.. e mail me.. i also accept it in DD or check...

i'll be happy to keep it shut away frm u... :P
~Ellie Kings~ said…
I agree with Sakshi, Life is full of surprises! and having optimism on our side is always a plus. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Tabitha Bird said…
I am all for a bit of noisy optimisim!
Enjoy your thanksgiving.

Beautifully said.
It might seem like a nuisance at times but Optimism is what that really keeps us moving forward in life. I feel sorry for people who dont have it

Heavenly Muse said…
i am really happy to see such quick responses about my zigzag thought in such a wonderful way

yup dear the believe in Allah always help us out

life is full of surprizes
but the moment i was writing thsi stuff ,was badly fed up of this mode of action of life.

ok sir i will send it to you ..but do promise u wont let it to come back to me..:-)

i will try to act upon your advice.

@ Tabitha Bird
thanks for the consideration

i am just trying to be with life.
Shimmer said…
i love that noise :D

its music to my ears ;)

nicely written :)
Thousif Raza said…
well its good you have that, for me sometimes negativism engulfs and its so hard to get out from that, lucky you :)

take care and keep writing........
Jack said…
H M,

It is better to be optimist and live with hope than to be cry baby all the time. Life has many ups and downs but it is hope which makes it easier to negotiate each curve.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Tousif Raza
yup i am lucky ..but the moment i was wrting it i got oblivious og my good luck for a brief moment...

thanks dear

@ Jack
i agree with you sir..your response always has something new.
Jack said…
H M,

Eid Mubarak to you and your family.


PS : Wish I could send e-card.

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