Where is the climax of life?

For every reader the climax of the story is the most interesting phase. This very point always remains surrounded by bulk of conflicts and burning problems, still we feel attracted ourselves towards climax. Apparently it shows that man feels conformable among challenges, but reality is something else. We want climax to get appeared because we want things to get settled. We want them to arrange themselves in rather smooth manner. We always expect that after this climax, all conflicts will be removed, problems will be solved, controversies will be erased, and exactly in the same way we want them to.

But, is it really happen with the climax of life? I should have rather asked whether there exists any climax in life or not. in this real drama of life ,one can never be able to get stuck with a single climax and hope of the swaying peace afterwords, as life is an amalgam of climaxes .It deals with one conflict and keeps ready to offer another.

When I was a child, I was told that after this very phase, things will be fine. I kept on waiting for that resolving point but it did never come. My primary school’s exams, infatuations of teen age, responsibilities of mature phase, and every point offers a climax and then without having any resolving point, I felt myself in the bosom of another one. It is really futile to make wish that there will be a phase when things will starts flowing smoothly. Life rests itself on a pinnacle, and its inhabitants have to balance themselves on this very pinnacle .Life never gets settled neither it allows us to do so. We are supposed to drift away with ruthless tides of life.


Thousif Raza said…
well we are all waiting for that arent we, the climax of life.... cool post yaar gave birth to a hundred thoughts :)

take care and keep writing..........
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Thousif RAza
thanks for showing Ur consensus.:-)
its always nice to receive quick response after sharing some zigzag thought.
Martin H. said…
We all walk a fine line don't we? Never knowing, from one moment to the next, where we might find ourselves. Although,sometimes the journey is more pleasing than arriving at your destination.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Martin h
may be here lies the true beauty of life
@ sheeza
thanks dear
Jack said…
H M,

Very true. Life has many phases - childhood, teenage, student's life, career, family life, social life, old age to name a few, and each one has different climax which we strive for. It is a never ending process.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ jack
sir your analysis is perfect like ever.thanks for consideration.
Meow said…
Very interesting and you've inspired me to write a post now :)
well the thing is... unlike movies and stories, your life hasn't ended yet... when there is no end, things are not always resolved..... which i think is a good thing since we are alive.

Life is a roller coaster ride... :-)
~Ellie Kings~ said…
Thought provoking post. Laid out to help us understand those high-times in our lives. Thanks!
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Meow
thanks for the appreciation

@ raaji
yup life keeps on going ahead .it never stops then how can we demand for a specific ending point.yet the instinctive wish of getting settled down of our tiring optimistic approach keep busy in the search of decisive turining point.

@ ELlie Kings
thnkas for the consideration and best of luck for such hightimes.
A Dreams-Teller said…
Dreaming helps us through the highs and lows of life, don't you think? I believe our dreams help us heal while we sleep as they release the tensions of the day.
Delwyn said…
Hi HMuse

Maybe it is better to think of life as a river and ourselves as a boat making it's way to the sea...we will face all sorts of terrain, weather and conditions, both positive and negative, and if we allow ourselves to feel this flow and go with it we are taking the path of least resistance...

Happy days
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Delwyn
very nice optimistic approach
Old Monk said…
Nice post. Intriguing subject. Well, don't you think life would have been something different if we knew what is going to happen the next moment. Each and every moment in our life has a climax. For example you start of from your home for work...the climax in this case is the moment you reach your office. In life climax is never the end...except in the grand finale.....that is 'death'.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Old Monk
thanks for consideration Sir
what i blv....climax is not end rather is it followed by falling action...where person observe the result of his efforts..but in case of life.....when is supposed to keep busy in continuous effort.
Lavender said…
True. But I do believe things settle after the climax. the only problem is, it doesn't stop new problems from arising.
B.Held said…
This is an unbelievable shot!

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