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Sometimes relationship gets complex. You must be saying that what’s new about this very fact I m having right now, as the matter of fact I am not going to deal with any heavy philosophy. I am here just to share my observation about a very strong blood relationship as: relation of a father with his son.

Whom else a father could love more than his son? A son: who shows his blood line, and who will keep alive his name. And who will give him a supporting and caring hand in his old age. The same causes of being in love we can find out at son’s side. Father; the symbol of affection, love, care,and what not. This is a kind of relationship that is considered unbreakable. But still I observe that this very strong relationship remains victim of rude attitude, indifferent behavior and anger showed from both sides.

Being a concerned person (specially being a sister and daughter as well) I tried a lot to dissect this issue so that I could reveal the underneath problem. At first place I ponder upon a father’s characte.A man when comes into the sphere of different rolls like a supporting son, a bossy husband, and a strict father; he suddenly starts behaving like dictator, this very attitude is not always because of his own wish but rather just to secure his family problems arising internally or externally, he put on this attire of strictness.Unfortunaelt, his own son becomes the victim of it most severely. A father loves his son but can’t express because he feels anger for his son’s new ways of living. A father cares his son but can’t express because he has also age for his careless attitude. A father wants to listen his son’s heart but often ignores because his so called ego wants his son to act upon his orders.

On the other hand, a son often idealize his father ,unintentionally, yet opposes his every move by considering it a check on his free living style. A son wants to admire his father’s sacrifice for his family and sheer struggle but cant utter a single word because of a gap that has been created by number of years accompanied with indifference. A son wants to declare that he loves as much his father as his mother, but manly ego always comes and restrict the both parties.

This lack of expression of love, keeps both men tense and their tension prevails in the family, and each member gets affected. I request to all such fathers and sons as well, just forget your manly attitude for a moment and express your hidden love for each other without considering their reputation as bossy father and a egoistic son.


sheeza said…
love differ from person to person and so as in relations. for a father it was always hard to show his love to their love ones. and specifically for an asian man well its a tough to express.

well definitely you are right that being a father he should give some liberty to his son and try to understand and more important to express what he feels.

i wish your thought and effort give a tongue to the close doors of many such hearts who try not to expressed.
Suzyhayze said…
So strange. I've been thinking about just this very thinking lately.
Thousif Raza said…
man i so agree with you... but for me i guess i am lucky cause my dad and me were frenz.... the complex being part i was experiencing but now i will work it out, thx man :)

take care and keep writing...........
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Sheeza
thanks dear for consideration...so you blv the father should only give some liberty :-)

what should i say ''great minds think alike:-)

@Tousif Raza
best of luck sir..and thanks for the consideration..
Old Monk said…
Good topic. I feel we cannot generalize this issue. You can also find father and son behaving like friends...like Thousif Raza in the above comment. However as you said lot many adjustments has to be made by both the sides to fill in the generation gap.
Rashi said…
yeah they are complex..as humans are...thats the beauty of life...

and thats when we realize...

nicely woven !
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Rashi
complexity is the beauty of life but we must have the key how to make this complex thing easy for us..thanks alot
Fareed said…
Very subjective to be asserted like that. I have had differences with people, I watered those for years only to let them bloom as a flower.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ FAreed
you did a great job i must say
Jack said…
H M,

Read 2 posts now. The previous one shows depth of love which has turned one into being overdependant. This is not right way. Relationship between father and son needs to be of friendly nature once son grows up. There is a famous saying " Once your shoes fit son, he should be treated as friend." Overstrictness can be harmful. As a matter of fact anything over limits can be bad.

Take care

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