I am naive!

I am naive!

Responsibility, tensions, worries, and problems, this all stuff meant to handled by one solo hand; my lonely self.

We come to this world as innocent soul having such a delicate weak structure. Someone teaches us to walk. Then someone teaches us to speak and so on .we are taught to live in this realm of challenges .And when it is felt that now we are trained (I wanted to use the word tame but it doesn’t suit human beings’ greatness);the helping hands just draw themselves away and leave us alone.

Here come the tides of responsibilities that transformed themselves in daily worries and gradually become constant tensions. And then problems start surrounding a just trained player of life and entangled him/her within complexities of the world around. In this situation, a brave heart keeps on facing the difficulties of life. But a coward like me hides the face behind her hands and declares,

‘’ I am still na├»ve’’


Tabitha Bird said…
I declare the same, "I am still naive."

Love this post :)
sheeza said…
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Martin H. said…
Most people fail to totally unravel the complexities of life. That would be a superhuman achievement.

The trick is to know your limits. For instance, accept that there are things you can change and things you cannot change.
~Ellie Kings~ said…
I don't believe declaring that one is naive is cowardice at all. It's honest. It's knowing oneself and realizing that we don't know everything there is to know. Thanks for being genuine, Heavenly!
Sakshi said…
Oh please- there is NO cowardice in saying that you are naive. I still am. And, I am proud of it. My innocence or lack of it, is what may save me from this cruel world that we live in, numb me from the pain that each day stabs on me, and make sure that I smile- becoz- I want to live.
Old Monk said…
Somebody teaches you to walk...then somebody teaches you to speak...I think thats all they can do for us..you are then pushed into this world of complexities where you have to find a place for yourself.Every new moment has something to teach you..face it and keep learning...happiness and sorrow are all part of it...Did I preach too much?...anyway before concluding let me tell you one thing...one can teach you to swim..but can he swim for you?..I think that's it. Anyway a very well written post.Made a good reading.Sorry for taking so much of your space.
Jack said…
H M,

Read 2 posts now. Mothers will always feel protective towards her offspring no matter how grown he or she may be and she will always say "When will you have sense". A time comes when one has to face life at ownself.

Take care
Sunil said…
Hey, You are not naive. It's just that no one is perfect. And 95% of the human beings (including me) never find a purpose in life.

I really liked your blog. Shall see you soon.
Thousif Raza said…
hey you are not, i can say that for sure... we just learn... if we find interest in something we pursue that rgt... just like that... so in short you and i for taht matter are not naive..... :)

take care and keep writing...........

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