He always asks that what change comes in my life because of his arival.He thinks that as I have not changed my routine,my dressing,my working hours and social relations so it shows that his existance does not make any difference.
He saya that I express my love but do not give any tangible proof for being in love with him.He says that though I say that I cant live without him but still keep on breathing even in his absence.He complains that the way I dress up does not show that I have any concern with his liking or disliking.

His arguments seems correct as apparently I don’t have any mundane testimony to proof my feelings or may be such proofs do not really matter as per my belief.
But still I want to tell him that his existance really counts for me.His arival really made a difference.

But how I would be able to explain that my eyes shines while they catch a single glimpse of blood flow in more efficenit way when he holds my hand and transform his warmth to heart starts beating with new aura of life when look at me and assures med of his love.My smile gets more deep and sweet when he adds some melody in my ears in the form subtle expression of loves.the vibration of his voice produce rhythm in my life.Though it seems that I am the same person as i ever have been.But every fragment of my body speaks of his love.that is something I feel and want him to feel it too but I can’t explain it.As something in this very relationship always remain Inexplicable.


Martin H. said…
This is an age-old problem, how to put one's feelings into words.

Even when we're sure we know what love is, it's almost impossible to explain.
Tabitha Bird said…
Sometimes the best relationships are inexplicable :)
love has always been rude on lovers and beautiful to onlookers!!
sheeza said…
well you put best effort to tell him how much you love him.

to being in love and how does one can feel the existance, is always out of words.

Feelings are really can never be explain even though we tried but words never counter whole of our thougts, and thats true!
Old Monk said…
Experience has taught me that love is something which has to be expressed so that the other person feels it...otherwise no matter how much your love is it is futile.
Thousif Raza said…
so touching so well said, its got so many emotions ya, sometimes love is like that na, where we cant find words hmmmm really well written ya :)

and i updated the blog hope to c ya there soon.... take care
Standbymind said…
Well this problem, it seems is bound to stay!
~Ellie Kings~ said…
I feel the inexplicable is most subtly proven with the expression of love itself. No words need be said.
man in painting said…
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man in painting said…
i remember writing continously about her,without sleeping,travelling three hundred kilometers in a night train..just to give those words to her in the morning..
she looked at those papers and then at me..then said
" smell like...rat or something.
that's it..
Is life a serious affair?
take care
Jack said…
H M,

I read it long ago and it sums up personal relationship equation :

"If I am I because I am I,
And you are you because you are you,

Then we are but

If I am I because you are you,
and you are you because I am I,

Then we are not."

Each individual has own personality and we need not change it for the sake of acceptance. Of course, negative traits need change.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ jack
Very perfect analysis u have made
@ old monk
almost everyone has at least one such experience in life
@ man in painting
it is really hard to realize someone very special at certain point.
@ Tousif raza

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